BenTrem tweeted on 2008-05-06

  • After 35 years of CMC I’m told that tech is a tool. Gawd … just about time to give up on work and hobby full-time. #
  • Go figure: Dubya dumped his father’s middle-ground approach while applying Reagan’s voodoo economics to foreign policy. Bullshit sells big! #
  • @SamLawrence c[_]~ espresso #
  • I dunno, but this seems symptomatic: a good blog where the archives page is more than 4 dozen screens high. Is this 2008? or 1998? #
  • Major snags in enterprise deployment of SaaS. Problem? If yuppies are not constrained /completely/ then they screw things up. #
  • Nixon/Kissinger tumbled the democratically elected gov’t in Chile. In the fog from the "war on terrorism", what haven’t Bush/Cheney done? #

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