BenTrem tweeted on 2008-04-14

  • Habs score against Boston. Rationality manifests and reminds people of the proper order of things. #
  • Now that’s just wrong. No no no no no. Boston doesn’t beat Montreal. It’s not done. It isn’t right, it isn’t proper. Nope. /Indecent./ #
  • @jimwhimpey Is there going to be /3/ OT games today?! #
  • @jimwhimpey Works for me! (BTW: I’ll take Habs’ colors as avatar after they whoop Boston.) #
  • @jimwhimpey Ok, Nolan. :-) #
  • How lame is google staff? "Your [YouTube] channel has been updated. _Changes in the profile picture will take effect within 6 hours_" Oh. #
  • @laughingsquid And "Follow" notifications were likewise delayed. Impressed that all weren’t just deleted! #
  • @kevinmarks Tell @bradneuberg that there’s been some interesting chatter about offline blogging in [wp-hackers] for me. #
  • [wp-hackers] has to be the pissiest list on the web. Honest tuh gawd it’s like a jnr highschool clique. #
  • Too funny. PlaxoPulse tells me I have to connect to myself to see pics. Then stops me with "You can’t connect to yourself!" #lame #
  • Yahoo!AOL … *blink* > < ZDNet analysis #
  • @zeldman A potent source of energy; indignation + tantric transformation = endless patience. Like guerilla w/o animosity … commando. #
  • Democracy in action? Obama talks turkey but doesn’t use bullet-proof rhetoric, so Clinton like McCain tries to plunge in her blade. #borg #

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