BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-10

  • Ham radio is foundationally democractic: each and every station calling is handled. Web2.0 is essentially demagogic … "structuration". #
  • @stoweboyd "social objects" is now being used to mean "anything that gets attention" #
  • @thattalldude FWIW I’m hitting the same crap w/another government agency. It’s clearly an adversarial system. Think of folk with PTSD! sick #
  • Thanks to @rboren I’ve found a PHP profiler > < "stack/function traces in error messages w/parameter display" #
  • Maybe it’s just me, but … tumblr as main blog? ‘scuze me if I’m under-whelmed. (Folk pimping E2.0 who don’t create content; go figure.) #
  • @hci HiYa Cindy – Someone who knows what "CMC" is. ;-) BTW: if you’ve a non-FB URL I’ll add it to #
  • Ooh, goody! "a change in the development process of complex software has been observed" > [itea-cosi_org] < #

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