BenTrem tweeted on 2008-02-13

  • @Ross The auto-translation of Gigi’s text is delightful! ;) #
  • @technosailor Interesting factoid … I wonder what a body can read into that; beltway _aparatchik_ are big-gov’t fans? ;-P #
  • re-tweet from @sbspalding – “Three strikes and you’re out rule for the web?” > < . . . #
  • @technosailor – Straight into that item went huh huh #
  • Thanks to @Stammy for the pointer > < SmoothZoom Javascript #
  • @Furrier I’ve been playing around with the MyBlogLog API … this stuff is getting to be fun! A big pile of fuzzy Goodness. #
  • *blush* For weeks I’ve had a broken MyBlogLog widget on my blog. *Gaaaal dang!* #
  • @shelisrael Test #1 on Day #1: synthesis of Iraq policy. I don’t envy the next Dem president. #
  • I just posted to a CAPTCHA-protected TypePad blog w/o filling in the CAPTCHA form. Any TP geeks here? #
  • PodCast SchmodCast; lousy audio, rambling rambling rambling … at least the picture was in focus. (Shows contempt for audience. Epidemic.) #
  • re-tweet TU @dsifry “I am now switching back to Technorati” -AndyBear > < p.s. I <3 technorati! . . . #
  • re-re-tweet TU @dsifry “I am now switching back to Technorati” -AndyBeard > < p.s. I <3 technorati! #
  • @vanelsas The day doesn’t end til I get my Jon Steward fix! ;) And greets to you! Have a good one. #
  • @Furrier re: privacy … can we not devise a set of constraints? a positive spin on “walled garden”? “Sensitive” VS really damaging. -more- #
  • @Stammy If your roomie has sense you’ll wake up with PB&jam in your bed. ;P BTW: love your $200 DIYPC series! google Steve Ciarcia, do! #
  • RFC: Blog update, rad new theme. > < I love ExtJS; I’m biased. Too heavy? too slow-loading? #
  • @dpn Still loading? I don’t think it’s s’posed to take more than an hour. ;-P Yes, just so: uncompressed … so TU vy for feeback! #
  • Adds to ToDo list: optimize ExtJS WordPress theme *sigh* #
  • Who knew? Yahoo!Player > < . > < . . . #
  • Would you lay this person off? “Managing through change” > < Too honest and plain-spoken. #oligarchs #borg #
  • @trishussey 1st imp.: makes images seem like ads! see my last night (img zoom) #

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