BenTrem tweeted on 2008-01-31

  • Disappointing: I strapped SiloBreaker to my "Ace Political Blogs" feed > < Just the title and a self link … #
  • #innovation #business "Heading to Ycomb. dinner" I don’t begrudge kidz in SF or Seattle, but some get lots of that, the rest of us? _Nada_ #
  • Is it just me or are more sites incorporating <marquee>? What next, <blink>? *shudder* #
  • @marshallk Just saw a PBS documentary on Patagonia. Folks say we have like 5-10 yrs to set areas aside for conservation. Fisheries? Yikes! #
  • "Thanks for the patience?" Patience?! What freakin’ patience?!! Bring back the tweets or I want my money back! (Oh, wait, that won’t work.) #
  • Why I’m such a cheery guy: "Dark Caves of Intelligence; How Bush/Cheney and Snow Help Al Qaeda" > < 12 9 #
  • @hrheingold I’ve been calling g.reader "Too much of a good thing" … rolling my own !Pipes, viewing those w/ NetVibes Ginger. #
  • Into Yahoo!Pipes? 5 tutorials from MetaFluence > < #
  • Holy sheep shit FaceBook is a royal PITA! All the dumb stuff is easy … the thing is like playing pachinko. #
  • I finally spoke my peace on what I think of google’s attitude to programming > < #
  • #mashups #readers How peculiar is /this/ site?! > < Macros Reader; a mashup feeds library.only the best f … #

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