BenTrem tweeted on 2008-01-27

  • #braindamaged is ncie, but not deterministic. I add "Truncate 5" and *ting* same results. toyz! #
  • I add "truncate 5" but get a full stream. I changed it to "truncate 2" and *ting* get 2 posts in the stream. #braindamaged #toyz #
  • Wunnerful – been chasing my tail with item.dc:date; turns out Yahoo!Pipes transforms it to item.pubDate. No reason. Dunno where/why. meh! #
  • @acarvin I hear the white vote was pret’near a 3-way split. #
  • Confirmed: Yahoo!Pipes processes are #braindamaged with latency; I rejig things for 48 posts … the RSS still shows 4, from last version. #
  • @acarvin How often do we really ever have a chance to actually fail? I mean to play a big game, flat-out, and fall short. /Serious/ downer. #
  • "Badly formed response; failed to Save" Geee, thanks Pipes! … for a moment there I thought I was gonna get something done. #
  • Real IDE VS toyz: a real IDE doesn’t choke and discard your changes. Yahoo!Pipes is refusing to Save after a complex mod. Arse, totally. #
  • @bronwen Hi – nice of @dpn to cite my Davos tweet. That gang knows no limits when it comes to self-congratulation! cheers -ben #
  • Oooh, this can’t be good: "The Pipes engine request failed (504)" … Yahoo getting /.’d? Not a good sign. At least it let me save changes. #
  • Pipes! – from "fire hose" to water fountain; feeds throttled, filtered, sorted, and governed > < #
  • One of my favoritest of all times animated GIFs; who can but love little froggies?! > < #
  • @Pistachio Abhidharma 101: neither resent insult nor be pleased by flattery (File under "equanimity / impartiality") #
  • How is it that I can have NetVibes and Yahoo!Pipes at once NP … but Mashable and/or RWW cause FF to bog? #
  • Kinda neat to look at ClustrMaps and know who’s where > < I really don’t envy A-list excess. #
  • A first for me: widget in main column; looks good! (Though *cough* I used <table>.) #
  • Reading: "AlphaDawg and Yahoo!Pipes – " ( #
  • Hate FF history.dat? Finally! A history utility. No repair, but create report, kill .dat, visit sites! > < #
  • 1140 googlesyndication records in History.Dat … "Do No Evil" yaa.right yaa.right yaa.right yaa.right yaa.right yaa.right yaa.right #

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