BenTrem tweeted on 2008-01-21

  • @trib Have you checked our "Blocks", for checking out your Twitterville neighborhood? > < #
  • @Mobasoft Hope you have Band of Gypsies … wish I did. (Ah, a BitTorrent project!) #
  • Affectations of "friendship" … communicative gestures intended to attract, impress, seduce, inquire, as "grooming". #borg #matrix #
  • … the twitter of blogging? #
  • @thedude2002 H1 Alex! Hey folk, recall Mashable on ReadBurner? > < ‘dude is the coder on that project. #
  • @dotBen They copyrighted it?! Whata buncha finks! (In ’96 we needed to rebrand from "CommunityNet" to "FreeNet" for that reason … finks.) #
  • @josephgrossberg Yesterday was reading buddhadharma on patience; we should thank those who pain us cuz they help us develop virtue. ;-) #
  • Dan Farber at ZDNet on M$ and virtualization > < #
  • @trib Watching TwitterMap only makes the obvious manifest … would be neat to accumulate data to show activity density. #
  • @dweinberger I hope that’s not FF3 … I know corraling cycles was a pretty high priority. #
  • 2 more geeks into my "Tweeters’ Blogs" page > < #
  • *Cue Twilight Zone theme* Peeked OnaSwarm and recognized most of the names! *judder* #
  • TSX down 549 after morning trading #
  • @adelemcalear TwttrSrch > < "pea map" > < #
  • @rands Good poin; "rich" often corresponds to "chaos". Easy to generate volume, thrash … or just trash. But rich? Not easy or simple. #
  • @factoryjoe Triple-S rules … soup, sandwich, salad. (Hey, not a bad concept for a franchise! 25c puhleeze) #
  • @dweinberger Thrilled to see someone use "granularity" Parlez-vous "cognitive ergonomics"? Seems that one’s gone dodo. #
  • @kevinmarks "not as a general purpose computer but as a set of specialized software modules" as wrong-headed as natureVSnurture. Perverse. #
  • @trib Dunno; not picking gnits, but walking into a hail-storm is diff from "density". SNR, yes? Lotsa "signal" can be just thunderstorm. #
  • @programwitch My GridView > < I like it! #
  • Always nice to be left out of conversation … not "paranoid"; A-list types are actually arse. #
  • @dweinberger "cognitive ergonomics" is from around the time SGML was coming out. There a European assoc’ but 0 in NA. #
  • @dweinberger BTW it’s a perfectly meaningful phrase on its face; nothing random about it. Just cuz most BS for $ doesn’t reflect on me. TU #
  • #Oligarchs’ Rule #42: The more highly clap-trap is valued, the less likely authentic effort will be validated. #

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