BenTrem tweeted on 2008-01-06

  • @gapingvoid A skeptic is someone who expects that others will use the facts to get the wrong conclusion. #
  • How come I didn’t know about Power Line blog until now > < and why didn’t you tell me? #
  • I just asked Cat about "designated sniffer"; he just gave me that you-know "Gawd humans are so dumb" look. #
  • /me trying to splice "The Secret of Attraction" in with poli-sci theory of constructive engagement. #
  • @ev Twitter: right brain mutterings from left brain people. #
  • hunh … the same number of DMessages as Followers … wonder if that means something. #
  • I just populated my with stuff. What I ended up with is … a buncha stuff. I don’gedit. #
  • … very interesting "Customize Skin" and options system … vy vy … savvy and effective > #
  • @ev When it comes to "Internetty things" #twitteris fortune cookies gene-spliced with salted peanuts #
  • @CLaueR J’ai 3 … hfx_ben vien de LiveJournal et ITGeek et pour voire les geek ensemble. > #
  • @megfowler my line is always "Even if you don’t care, it still matters" ;) #
  • /me truly appreciates anybody who can make a joke around Vic20 & goto! @megfowler #
  • @ev RFE: /with_friends is public, but /replies is not. Have that as a configuration option? #
  • "Soup" really is quite nice … aggregated my tweets w/ and 2 LiveJournals > #
  • @ev deff RFE: RSS of /with_friends #
  • @ink_slinger Nice new club Whyte & 99th … the old Pig and Whistle? In the style of Black Dog … can’t recall the name, but you know … #
  • @Mickeleh A new site for me: "Power Line" post-mortem of debate > #
  • @ev re: "but why an option?" I figured there was some reason that it’s not public now, so option allows for status quo. #
  • Twitter uptime for 2007: 98.0% (thanks to @rodrigo1971) > #
  • @ev Hey, for myself *pfft* let it all hang out. But options are nice. You know, that "choices" and "autonomy and dignity" stuff. *shrug* ;p #
  • @tomguarriello Ain’t Soup cute /though/? I had great fun tweaking the skin; whoever did the UI knew my mind. (Which is sayin’ sumthin’!) #
  • Oooh! Sakyong Mipham, Rinpoche’s being interviewed on CBC Radio! *whooot!* #
  • "Amazon goes (stealth) social" TU Mashable > #
  • What a treat to hear someone talking about Padmasambhava on public radio! *swooon* #
  • @megfowler I can imagine a spike at as everyone scurries to check their @s #
  • @megfowler Your looking at That’s a pretty substantical data loss … and yaa, kinda sad. #

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