BenTrem tweeted on 2007-12-25

  • @dweinberger Just email a friend in Israel and found myself lost for heh cliche; I wished him a nice quiet time w/family. #
  • Just now, my "Finding and harnessing relations between … chunks of … stuff." > #
  • @marshallk Malls are not public property. Can’t imagine, but sup court’s /decision/ musta had other/technical basis. #
  • And, when/if we copy/paste/cite/quote and attribute with mindful intention? "_rapporteur_" … there, a Christmas presie from _moi_. #
  • > "Murphy’s" in human comm’s; "If communications appears to have succeeded, there’s some misunderstanding" #
  • @pureCaffeine … "an-aesthetic". I luv that. #
  • "The concept of chaos, or arbitrariness of choice, gets into …" A fine designer who !knows; too clehvur, he shudda used "random". #
  • Recent cause of giggles: medical slang > #
  • @mde As I kid I always got sick special occasions; eyes bigger than my stomache. good luck #
  • The Crunchies … vote soon, vote often! > #
  • /me figures dimsum is a Good Thing To Do. #
  • Nice! A "Recently updated Mozilla-related blogs" blog > #
  • @pureCaffeine I’ll drink to that! ;-P #
  • Mornin’ jake … right back atcha … nothing to do here but sip wine and tweet! #
  • If x="degree of suckage" and y="degree of penetration" then (z=x*y) Firefox "History" must be the most brain-zed coding /evahr/. #
  • /me checks chicken slow-cooking #
  • Here’s a hippie-thot (circa ’74): "Technological man; vicar of Christ". #
  • @technosailor For this aulde gawg? "SF hunh? *shrug* Sooo, how’bout those BlueJays?" ;-P #
  • s/gawg/dawg #
  • There, finally found the niche for my product: "information classification / management". Pit-bull determination pays. Ehr … works. #
  • Jazz peeps is the sweetest peeps. Even the mean/nasty ones. #
  • @revgeorge Congrats dewd! It’s "God’s work", and that’s the truth. good on yuh!! #
  • @anildash Using peanut oil? (Haven’t tried that way, but heard it’s good.) #
  • /me figures local jazz on FM is "nice touch". *We /always/ have snow. :-)* #
  • @CLaueR On fait le "reveillon" en France? Est-ce une tradition franco-Canadienne? #
  • FF History is brand-ded. Spend lotsa time pruning 2.8Meg history.dat … lotsa time, big slabs. After? history.dat is 4.3Meg … stuhned #

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