BenTrem tweeted on 2007-12-22

  • @mde I did a buncha stuff at once to my EXTJS desktop project and then reverted the wrong things. Then I shelved it. That was in June. ;-) #
  • @marshallk This time every year I propagate my fave Robert Graves poem > #
  • @ChristianBurns A nice thing to do … hi-tech random act of kindness … ^5 #
  • @technosailor IIRC letters to that code actually get received and handled! #
  • "Climate Change | System Thrash" … my blurted comment in HuffPost > #
  • Matt Taibbi on Thomas L. Friedman You want to read this. You do. Honest. > #
  • Another set of experiments trying to tame WP editor … not broken, but not as intended either > #
  • /me ponders J.Depp * technosailor = _______ #
  • @chrisbrogan Good catch! MozLabs is starting to rock steady; my present fave > #
  • 81 properties named. @ meyerweb "position", no? It’s on the list. #
  • @ meyerweb sorry, mis-cue … I’d entered it twice #
  • You know you’re in-gear when: it takes you 45 minutes to work your way through all your tabs back to twitter … and you weren’t surfing. #
  • @anildash Nobody remembers HeathKit; they didn’t survive their move into retail. (I opened one of their first stores.) Dangerous tactic! #

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