Testing Leo Jackson’s ”Trustworthy XHTML” plugin

*I’m too POd to carry on … this wudda taken me 3 minutes in LJ! OMfreakinG, it’s gone back to <pre>!!! That’s it, I quit, an hour I’ll never get back.*

So … here we are in a typical TinyMCE WYSIWYG window. *shrug*

This should be a new paragraph; I’ll use it to point to Leo’s post about his WP editor fix, the “Trustworthy” plugin.

Now, let’s see if I can stick this line up closer by changing the paragraph end to a mere line break, i.e. replace </p> with <br />. (NB: No markup visible in “Code” view. So why ohhh why then is this called code view?!

This remains a real thorn in my side … I don’t need yet.another source of migraine.)

*Mmmmm .. no HR in this menu setup? Gotta tweak that.*

No joy … none at all … <b> becomes <strong>, (Transitional XHTML?), but <br /> disappears, replaced by </p>, and that’s what bugs me most of all.

Bottom line? Mehh!Good news: I was wrong.

Turns out that the plugin’s XHTML settings default to “Disabled”. I toggled that (XHTML transitional) and whoopeee! Toggling back and forth between WYSIWYG and “Code”; editor did notRPTnot blow my markup away!

And yet, even with Leo’s lovely fix, what I wrote on my Codex.WP page still holds, if only as an enhancement:

Quick Fix to the Editor Blues? – Yesterday during WP “Bug Day” I worked through a bunch of “editor” tickets; on the one that seemed to be tracking the problems I suggested a quick fix, i.e.:

since the problem happens when toggling between CodeView *cough* and “WYSIWYG” *nervous giggle* if we’re clever enough to Save or Publish while looking at our code in Source pushes most of what we actually keyboarded.

So I suggested we supply a config option to switch the default … so CodeView would be front … which would mean that hitting Save/Publish directly from there would obviate most of those glitches.”

NB: In WYSIWYG there’s plenty of whitespace between the blockquote and the previous text. When published, the blockquote is smoosched up against the bottom of that text line. Mehh again!! (Working on this.)

*This is a wrap … little things to check out (like how hittin Return twice and backspace once affects the way editor interprets my intention) but basically, bottom line, Editor Blues are gown.gown.gowwwn! Or is it. Kicking things around, at some point a few of the forced newlines disappeared. Ick, I’m tired.*

Update: at some point this post went <pre>. *blink* I checked config and found it set to “Disabled”. *blink* More later.

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