BenTrem tweeted on 2007-06-15

  • @mde You were going to write somebody about a new SitePoint project. ;-P #
  • For use in BP Analysis => … for use in saving this little dust mote => #
  • … got me to “Documenting a Virtualization Project” (a blog) first thing, Kewl! #
  • @stevef … empathy? Solidarity, sympathetic joy, compassion, all energy sources for creativity. Raw material for loving kindness! :-) #
  • @kevinmarks You’re gonna love it! IMNSHO cable is deff the way to go. #
  • How snotty is M$? In FF I’m reading about DoD “Information Sharing Strategy”, get a PDF, find a link, click it and M$IE launches! *blechk!!* #

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