BenTrem tweeted on 2007-04-13

  • @bloggersblog Analytics and metrics: the #1 on that list has 1 friend, 3 followers, 1 favorite and 98 Updates. WTF. 0_o #
  • Overheard in the blogosphere: “Listening to Noam Chomsky,” said a psychologist in her 50s, “always turns me on.” #
  • Long exchange with 3 literati. Conceptual constructs are “mommy’s little angels” now. We are lost, doomed. But I’m ok cuz I’m not rich. ;-/ #
  • @factoryjoe Any good wiki gnome knows that the secret of survival / longevity is to 1) slap loud and hard 2) head for the kitchen. #
  • geeeeeeeeeek! #
  • @rycaut Late 70s? I was in that game 72/73 … pre-email. (Teletype) #
  • Ooooh … bottom drawer is full of cassettes. _Illapu_! (Chilean; circa ’75) #
  • Thinking of “twittering” I recall my “authentic presence” workshop and wonder at how we remain at all human … life as schmooze. #
  • @Scobleizer – FWIW /I/ didn’t know about it. ^5 #
  • K, l’e’see: @natetrue tweets @scobleizer and first thing I read is that @burtonator is being pillage. Check. “And so it goes” … ^5 #
  • LEDs in sleeves gets thousands of hits. *sigh* #
  • Woke up this morning with my site’s homepage design clearly in mind … awesome. #
  • YAJSlib #
  • Who knew?! TinyMCE has a bazillion configurable functions! #
  • “The first rule of the unobtrusive JS club is don’t talk about unobtrusive JS club. No, hang on …”huh huh => #
  • Golly gee shucks, Bush appointee Wolfowitz is a maggot and World Bank is a band of vultures. Golly shucks, who’d uh thunk it?! *Gack Ptui!* #
  • @acarvin “Asian massive” … good for what ails us. Mebbe “harder than realized” is just the right thing in the moment. Trust the Karsh! #
  • Paul Wolfowitz is finally going to be seen as a stinking vampire … the beginning of a wholesome sanity? #
  • Callout: Get the vampire away from control of the World Bank => #
  • FEMA trashes $40M worth of emergency meals. Impressive! #

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