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(Topoi? WTF is "topoi"?!) ;-P --BenTremblay 11:48, 28 March 2008 (PDT)

Quick Take: "Meaning = Data + Structure: User Generated Structure" from Lightspeed Venture Partners; slightly related: "Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business from Wired / techbix / IT

Phil Jones' ThoughtStorms Wiki

For the fun of it: HumanBrainCloud


Primary Nodes

NB: this is 1 half.

"Since 1998, Jerry has been an independent consultant, doing business as Sociate, a name he coined because he is skilled at associating ideas and people, and also because he believes that the social changes that we are going through as a result of all the new connectivity (e.g., Internet, cell phones, inexpensive cameras, podcasting) will be more profound than the structural and economic changes we have already seen."
  • Nancy White: Full Circle Associates; "Communications, planning, and connected solutions for a changing world" -
International expert in understanding and practicing online group facilitation of distributed work, learning and community groups (presenter, writer, teacher, coach, facilitator, rapporteur); Designer and builder of online interaction spaces (events, teams, learning groups)' Experienced facilitator for live online and offline events (meetings, focus groups)
the goal: "using the revolutionary power of the Internet and new information technology to enable citizens to learn more about what Congress and their elected representatives are doing, and thus help reduce corruption, ensure greater transparency and accountability by government, and foster public trust in the vital institutions of democracy."
""Social network analysis software & services for organizations, communities, and their consultants. "InFlow" - Social and Organizational Network Mapping & Measuring Software & Services"
"InfoCloud Solutions helps ease the interaction between an organization's information and the people interested in it, so people may use and reuse it easily to meet needs in their life."
"I was one of approx. 40 people in Kansas City who were a part of the BBS community and we had a lot of fun together. We visited each other's BBS's, posted in discussions, chatted with each other, and occasionally gathered in person. Some of those people - you know who you are - I still consider close friends. Others disappeared into the ether (and are probably somewhere on the net), never to be seen or heard from again."
"MTS was a command line oriented system which provided the usual facilities of a 1970's era IBM mainframe compatible operating system which came out of the University of Michigan in the early 1970s, developed and maintained by a consortium of universities around the world."
"We call them "HipBone Games" because of the old song, "the hip-bone connected to the thigh-bone", and because they are games of connection, of the links between ideas. [These g]ames are so simple a child can play them: if you've ever thought, "and that reminds me", or "isn't that like such and such", you've already got the basic idea."


By Way of Context

From my 03FEB08 "Web2.0 ... Epiphany doesn't just happen":

Supplementary Resources

must improve: OpenAccess

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