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context: WikiTorial and CoWriting; see also "Web Sites That Dig for News Rise as Watchdogs" at NYTimes


Citizen Journalism

"Breaking news? "Web Sites That Dig for News Rise as Watchdogs" NYTimes ... apparently the oligarchs are so comfortable now that they can let the yuppies' kidz nose through the actualities.

Background Material

  • WashingtonPost Mashup
  • "The connections between journalism and technology", "Rich Gordon of Medill: $640,000 in Knight money"; Knight Foundation Scholarships at - "We are offering full scholarships to Medill's master's program in journalism ... to people with computer programming skills," says associate professor Rich Gordon. "The goal is, in essence, to try to create more Adrian Holovatys."
"The skills and insights that technology developers have are increasingly important to the analysis, delivery and accessibility of information needed in a democracy,” said Rich Gordon, who directs Medill’s program in new media journalism. “At the same time, the journalistic skills learned at a place like Medill can yield important ideas for applying technology in ways citizens will find relevant and engaging.
At, people can investigate for themselves what kinds of crimes are most common in their neighborhoods. On the Web site for the Asbury Park Press in New Jersey, people can look up property assessments, campaign contributions and help journalists identify government workers who are “double-dipping” by holding down more than one taxpayer-financed job. At, users help each other find relevant news by selecting and voting for the articles they find most interesting. At, visitors can search through databases of congressional votes, campaign contributions and Bill Clinton’s speaking fees.
Each of these examples is a significant technological achievement. Each also represents a marriage of journalism and technology – database development, application programming, interface design and search algorithms applied toward the goal of a better informed society. In the digital age, journalism is more than just reporting and storytelling. And technology is more than just business systems or inventory management or e-commerce. For people to discover and act upon the information they need to be citizens in a democratic society, journalism and technology must increasingly intersect."

Not About Adrian

Also of Interest

see also: CoWriting and WikiTorial

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