Barack Obama's 30-second Super Bowl ad

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From "Is the Obama Campaign a Model for Online Politics?"3FEB08 (X-posted on techPresident):

"Over the past few months, we’ve gotten tantalizing hints of the level of integration of online and offline organizing that the Obama campaign has achieved. [Apparently] the Obama people must have pushed almost ALL of their fundraising online, even for the people who would normally send a large check.
[P]olitics is about mobilizing people, not just about raising money, and a few weeks ago we got this vignette: [...]"

Obama Tries New Tactics To Get Out Vote in Iowa" (124 comments) By Peter Slevin and Jose Antonio Vargas (31DEC07):
"In Sen. Barack Obama's Iowa headquarters, young staff members sit at computers, analyzing online voter data and targeting potential backers. They zip one e-mail to an undecided voter and zap a different message to a firm supporter. [...] The effort will culminate in what state director Steve Hildebrand calls "the largest grass-roots volunteer operation that Iowa has ever seen." Whether Hildebrand's boast proves true on Thursday, Obama's campaign has taken a markedly different approach to identifying its supporters and getting them to the caucuses [...]"

Also, the thread on the NY Times Caucus blog ("90-plus comments" and counting)


WashingtonPost video

"The Post's Shailagh Murray assesses the closing days of Barack Obama's Iowa campaign, noting that the senator is going 'a little soft, a little hard.' "


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