New today (27JULY09): from Grande Cache to Berg Lake and back again

see these:


I code, but am not a programmer.

Now cyberhobo ... he is truly a programmer / webmaster. see his "hobomap" and zoom out to see his work. This plugin works on WordPress blogs and is quite remarkable.
see also the plugin homepage and source at google code

BTW if you use Firefox you should try this bookmarklet; it works very very well, to be used when viewing a photo on flickr:
GeoCode bookmarklet at

Pages in progress:

That's adjunct to the work I've been doing with clickable maps.

Just now I have 2 test maps happening:

  1. Polylines (multi-segment lines c/w display of distance) polyshape (c/w display of area)
  2. Pull-down maptype menu


Thanks to a tiny map


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