BenTrem tweeted on 2009-12-20

  • Being “civic minded” = radical socialism? Are Republicans now bragging about being sociopaths? #
  • Snowing in NYC … if LA got a blizzard could we say that Hell had officially frozen over? #
  • @shelisrael “standing behind a very large Santa Claus” reads like the setup for a very, very odd joke. #
  • @bgrier Just got email notification of … glad to hear upgrade was painless. #WordPress #
  • @jjprojects Countries agreed to “take notice” of the final document. How’s that for damned with faint praise?! #
  • @shelisrael Yes, I did read that. I saw it as as a setup begging for some lateral thinking. #
  • Woof. God knows I love ExtJS, and am fond of the Dojo kidz, but Bindows w/InfiView rocks! > < #
  • “stabilize Afghanistan by providing economic alternatives to insurgency” > < (CSIS #ThinkPiece) #

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