BenTrem tweeted on 2008-04-06

  • @pfanderson As go the lungs (forests) and guts (oceanic flaura/fauna) so goes the rest of the body. BTW: watch coral: sensitive wee beasts. #
  • Yuppie disease: no truth matters til acknowledgment / affirmation includes kissing A-list butt. #
  • @dotBen Pete’s there with a group, but you require a guest list to know if it warrants a 1 block walk? Diff world, mate … diff world. #
  • @mashable Don’t trust a man who asks "Who’s there" in face of an invite to an Irish pub. *Busked jigs and reels 15 yrs, mostly Irish* #
  • @astrout You too?! *heads for I-View to resize fave SuperHero avatar* #
  • Say, and I’ll trout you. Say naught and I’ll trout you. */KWAATZ!/* #
  • Esoterica? In "The Hanged Man", there’s another element. You didn’t notice? Oh. It’s central to my family’s coat of arms. heh *hint #42* #
  • "Clinton’s Expanding Trust Gap" > [blogs_cqpolitics_com] < #
  • Well yippie yahoo, more billionaires than ever: 1,125 to be precise, worth over $4T. Nice to know the economy’s working. *NOT!* #oligarchs #

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