BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-06

  • "Phatic" – I can produce a 2,750 page MIL-SPEC doc set, but I’m dissed on the *name deleted* mail-list, cuz I don’t talk CA. #borg #matrix #
  • @marshallk Pipes! is all o’that. Mebbe what M$ was grabbing at? (0.5 j/k) #
  • @marshallk My copy of "OPML Aggregator, sort by canonical date / truncate 50" > [pipes_yahoo_com] < . . . #
  • @marshallk My nominees for "coders, desingers and project-type geeks" > < (198 total) #
  • So, since ambition and greed are recognized *taboo; not to be spoken* as virtues, it follows that cultural xenophobia should be likewise. #
  • @pkedrosky Lovely document, but problem w/snipped URL direct to PDF: no way to discover original location. "path" is C:\Windows\temp #
  • Scandal ramps up: Canadian Conservative PM’s office leaked shit to snare Obama on NAFTA … the Clinton’s old friends in action! #
  • "Obama’s inexperienced" … maybe he’s a threat cuz he hasn’t (yet) bartered his soul. #
  • Barack needs samurai training … attack with absolute devastation and clear conscience. #

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