BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-05

  • Q: does the Re. Party deserve a man of quality such as McCain? (And Lord preserve us all from Clinton!) #
  • @yourdon Nothing finer, Ed; bottom-line on most everything, healthy kids born into wholesome families. Congrats to all hands (so to speak). #
  • @remarkablogger huh huh … I don’t think /he/ deserves //them//! ;-P I’d have to choose "latte-sippers" over xenophobic fundamentalists. #
  • Dem results in Rhode Island and Vermont are almost mirror images; poli-sci / sociologists / social-psych geeks are gonna have a field day. #
  • Dear … revisit web-design 101. /Aweful/ way to present a series of data-filled posts. Jr high quality. #
  • CNN’s touch-screen tech is actually working for them. Basics solid + a coupla nice features. We’ve achieved 2002 tech! #
  • @meyerweb "Austin, not Boston" still works for me! (I gotta find an excuse to get down there some day. Create an Alta/TX music circuit.) #
  • Hillary "’I’ll do these things for you.’ contra Barack’s ‘Let’s do these things together.’ > huffingtonpost_com #
  • @technosailor I recall haggling over touch-screen ergonomics in late 90s … ahead of the curve is financial suicide. #
  • RI … is it true that Edwards is still on the ballot? Can that be true? #
  • Something about that li’l girl grin just creeps me out … like she’s got a shiv tucked up her sleeve. #
  • Marc Andreeson on Obama: " this is the 1st credible post-Baby Boomer pres. candidate" > < . . . #
  • "Just talk"? Gawd, what a chilling prospect: a 3rd or even 4th tour of duty in Iraq. Gastly. Horrid. Inhuman. #
  • @chrisbaskind I just c’ted the "2 fronts" thing on DKos … as opportunity. Let McCain sell tainted meat, let Clinton show her mean streak. #
  • Word: Canadian gov’t disclosure on NAFTA statement "Clinton’s best friend". Yaaa … conservative gov’t tangled in scandal. #
  • CVS – TRAC / Subversion -> GIT > [www_gnegg_ch] < (a good blog post) #
  • … thanks to @guykawasaki ‘s link to #
  • Well that’s not nice. My MediWiki install just stopped. Site is working, host is ok, it was online last night. Now … just stopped. #
  • For no apparent reason MediaWiki stops. For the same reason, MediaWiki starts to work again. *Ick!* #

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