BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-03

  • When ham radio was big I would regularly act as net controller. (E.g. "Maritime Mobile Net") A web equiv? >
  • … sweet web-based editor. Really sweet. Very very Web1.0, but sweet! #
  • @ijansch Hello Ivo! I came across > < and found > < wonderful! –more– #
  • @yourdon Ed, isn’t that the rough equivalent of "work-related" VS "hobby"? ;-P #
  • What a parody of civility; a gifted friend just "blogged" … pasted YouTube code and keyboarded 1 whole sentence. #matrix #borg #insanity #
  • @oemperor No, it didn’t say "This is a video". It said, "I really like this song". You think I’m an idiot? #
  • 5th year with; Like Risk? Enjoy simple/complex tactic/strategy? See it. 1play/day (3 game max) #

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