Generation Kill - episode 2

"Semper Gumby" ... Always Flexible!

"You know I believed the judge when he told me the Marine Corps was a superior alternative to jail. I shudda shut my mouth and done my time."

"Hey, reporter! If you lay with your cock against the ground as a tank rolls by it feels fucking great!"

"I put my SuperMan costume on every day I'm in the Corps, Hoorah?"

POG = Persons Other than Grunts

"You've got hundreds of Marines who've been ready for weeks and you're standing here with your foot on your dick. No, check that: with your foot on my dick. Now unfuck yourself and push through this shit."

"I'd interprate what he said as meaning that Grooming Standard will not be our focus for the next 24hrs."

`Sir, why did you just shoot the car?"
"Denying the enemy transportation."

*In the past 1/2hr I tried 3 different channels and 3 different guys ... all sitting on TS ... all away, without marking as away. Lazy. Slack. Contemputous. "Incompetence is the thin edge of a wedge we call corruption."*

"*blink* Are you making this up?"
"Fuck yaa I'm making this up! Passes the time."

"Movement right!" Eyes/sights right.
And there's the CPT.
"Alpha Company's commando. Should I shoot him?"
"Don't waste your bullet."

Meeet mah liddo' fren':

Some would say he's just another wog/haji .

*M40 takes 2 at 975, 1 moving fast in a low crouch.*
"I try to live my life by the Tao. I can't always be making my own dharma."
"I hate those haji fucks."
"That's what I love about you dawg, you're so messed up."
"That's how I roll."

*Face checks his 40mm*
"Gentlemen, from here on we have to earn our stories."

"Go go go go go go go!"
"Slow down!"

"This isn't funny! Things gone different we could have all got killed today."
*Everyone busts out laughing.*

*informed that there wereRPTwere to have shaved*
"The one solid piece of information he passed on, and he was wrong."