Troy - Love the photos but I have to ask - how long did it take Kevin to recover from that split? I didn't think that was physicially possible after the age of 10! (9.17.08, 1:51pm)

Annette - You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl! Enjoyed the silo shots & boogie-down Kevin. (9.17.08, 9:31am)

The Only Mel-Bell You Know - As always, love the way you've captured the moments! Fantastic! (9.15.08, 11:45pm)

Esperanza - Hoover - did you need help getting back up? Did you follow that split with the worm? (9.15.08, 3:28pm)

Robin Riley - Alisa - I love the nose to nose with the cow! Kevin and Alisa your wedding photos are by far the best taken by the Wiebners. I believe they truly captured all of the love and enjoyment of everyone. (Even the cow! or yes, and the rooster.) (9.15.08, 1:47pm)

Jen - Great photos! This looks like it was an amazing wedding to attend. You can really feel how great the party was. (9.15.08, 10:21am)

JenD - Wow, what fun shots! These are some of the most emotional and happy wedding images I have seen in a while! What a lovely couple. (9.13.08, 11:56pm)

Iurie - Alisa and Kevin, congratulations! Love the pictures. It's difficult to pick a single favorite, so I clicked on most of them. :-) Best wishes to the two of you. You make a great couple! (9.13.08, 3:38am)

Dad Lefkowitz - The pictures bring tears to my eyes once again because I am so happy for Alisa and Kevin. What a great day. Love, Dad (9.12.08, 5:55pm)

Mom Lefkowitz - What a great day and weekend. Fantastic pictures of a country setting transformed from casual to elegant for a gorgeous bride and groom. (9.12.08, 5:50pm)

Lia and Marli Golden - Aunt Alisa, you look so pretty and we love you and Uncle Kevin! (9.12.08, 5:49pm)

Rose - I couldn't be happier for you both. This is classic Kevin! (9.12.08, 3:21pm)

Adam - We are honored to have been invited to your wonderful day. K, you are so blessed to have such a beautiful, warm hearted lady by your side. Kudos to the photographer for capturing such great moments. Just beautiful pictures from a beautiful day. We love you guys. (9.12.08, 8:26am)

Robin Dini - these are incredible! what a great location. i love the chicken coop shot. i think that's my favorite. great job all around. i totally feel the love :) (9.12.08, 12:58am)

angel - the split!! instantly classic! (9.11.08, 11:47pm)

Don & Nancy Hoover - The pictures bring back memories of a wonderful day. Can't wait to see the rest. IT WAS A FUN DAY!! XOXOXOXO Love, Dad and Mom (9.11.08, 7:54pm)

Caryn Golden - I anxiously awaited these photos. I knew these photographers would be able to capture the unbelievable detail that made this wedding so unique, elegant and special. Alisa and Kevin, you both were amazing that night, and we all had so much fun!!!! (9.11.08, 5:23pm)

Jason Alexander - What a beautiful day for a great couple. These shots truly capture the essence of the day and of Alisa and Kevin. The split basically says it all!!! (9.11.08, 5:04pm)

Rita - Alisa - We couldn't have had better subjects - you and Kevin are such wonderful and generous people, we were very fortunate to have you choose us to capture your day. Hugs!! (9.11.08, 5:01pm)

Nichelle - Oh man! It looks like we missed a great party!!! So happy for you guys. I can't decide which is my favorite - Flower girls in blue, Alisa and the cow, Kevin and THE SPLIT! Congratulations again on a beautiful day! (9.11.08, 4:51pm)

Sofie Louca - Looks like such a fun couple and the wedding looks like it was an absolute blast! Love the colorful bouquet & the silo shots are so cool! (9.11.08, 4:39pm)

Alisa - Rita and Joel -- you have absolutely outdone yourselves. You captured all of the excitement and pure happiness that Kevin and I felt that day and in our lives together every day. We are so fortunate that we have gotten to know you and can't wait to meet up with you again! (9.11.08, 4:34pm)