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    75th Ranger Regiment: Pranger's Material
    (application #249; RIP #201; PBGUID F51438431AB927788D70C80B785B427D; Tracker #857817)

    Mens telum primum est!
    The mind is the primary weapon!

    To Be Mission Oriented:
    There are no problems in mortal combat, only solutions!


    Tremben's "MilSim" Playlist at YouTube


    14DEC2012: Dunno why, but my playlist is no longer displaying here ... bit rot ... dang.
    "MilSim" by Bernard Tremblay - Some mil-history; mostly FPS games; concentrating on helo


    Pranger's Material

    Coming soon: RASP (Ranger Assessment and Selection Program, replacing RIP; see "Ranger Promo" YouTube)

    Posted by Pranger on Monday, August 31 @ 21:55:39 PDT
    By "PV2 B.Tremblay" at 75th Rangers

    24HR Clocks for Bravo Company









    Netherlands |

    Sweden |
    Poland |



    The account of Medal of Honor recipient Color Sergeant Carney's action as it appeared in 'The United States Service Magazine, 1864:
    "As our forces retire, Sergeant Carney, who has kept the colors of his regiment flying upon the parapet of Wagner during the entire conflict, is seen creeping along on one knee, still holding up the flag, and only yielding its sacred trust upon finding an officer of his regiment. As he enter the field-hospital, where his wounded comrades are being brought in, they cheer him and the colors. Though nearly exhausted with the loss of blood, he says, "Boys, the old flag never touched the ground."


    Posted by Pranger on Thursday, September 3 @ 13:25:39 PDT
    From ""Fire Support for the Scout Platoon" (FM 71-2J, App; FM 17-98, Chap 9)

    Dismounted Night Attacks
    (FM 71-2J, Chap 3; FC 71-1J, Chap 3)

    "Time and time again, a few skilled infantrymen are the difference between winning and losing a battalion/brigade level battle . . . They conduct the night attack which causes enemy armor to reposition, thereby facilitating its destruction by friendly tank and AT fire at first light."

    --BG E. S. Leland, Jr., Commanding General, NTC, 20 November 1985


    Posted by PV2 B.Tremblay on 29SEP2009 @ 01:10Z
    From "Know Your Enemy" at AACommand.com by: Snoop

    Here is the English Translation of what OpFor say (click on them)


    Posted by Pranger on Thursday, September 3 @ 13:25:39 PDT
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