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Battlefield 1942 "Multiplayer Demo" site; BF1942Demo Forum

    "|[KIA]| leads by example.
    We recruit not only the most skilled, but more importantly,
    those with the attitude to rise above all the negativity
    sometimes associated with online gaming!!!!"
    "KIA is proud to say that
    we have been offical since early 2003
    and "We Are Here To Stay!"


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BF "Pirates"; Wiki 1 and Wiki 2

"Battlefield Pirates is a full conversion mod of Battlefield 1942. The mod was first released in the summer of 2003, initially a solo project from creator Guy Smiley (Laurence Brown). BFP v1.0 was released on August 23rd, 2005, marking the final release of Battlefield Pirates for Battlefield 1942. The mod featured two playable pirate crews, the red pirates versus the blue pirates. This evolved to become the undead Skull Clan against the human Peglegs in version .3 and beyond. This version also introduced numerous new weapons to the game such as throwing knives and the musketoon. Battlefield Pirates features a unique combat system that balances ranged musket fire with swordplay. Flintlock weaponry demands long reload times, forcing skilled pirates to hone their skills with a sword to stay alive."

"Pure Hatred" aka |H| (|pH| Clan board mustRPTmust be registered)

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GameTracker Frenz

KILROY's Mods for BF2Demo

"Point of Existence" BF2 Mod (massive!)

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